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Atmospheric Steam Sterilizer

Atmospheric Steam Sterilizer of Description:

Atmospheric steam sterilizer is currently the most widely used sterilization equipment in the large-scale production of edible fungi. Atmospheric steam sterilizers can be used in steamers, steamers, iron buckets, and soil steam stoves.

Atmospheric steam sterilization is a method of killing microorganisms by denaturing proteins by hot steam.

Atmospheric Steam Sterilizer

                                                 Atmospheric Steam Sterilizer


Atmospheric Steam Sterilizers of  Features :

Moist heat has strong penetrating power, and the sterilization effect is better than dry heat.

① Sterilization by boiling or circulating steam: The temperature of boiling water and steam under normal pressure is 100°C. Generally, 30~60min treatment can kill bacterial propagules, but cannot completely kill spores. This method is suitable for items that cannot be autoclaved.

②Low-temperature gap sterilization (Pasteurization): first heat (or boil) the item at 60~80℃ for 1h, and then store it at 20~25℃ for 24h (or overnight at room temperature), so that the remaining spores will germinate into the propagules are sterilized again under the above conditions, and this is repeated three times. This law is suitable for items that are not resistant to high temperatures or are easily deteriorated at high temperatures, but atmospheric steam sterilizers are time-consuming.

Atmospheric Steam sterilizer of Operation Method:

1. A method of placing the sterilized material in an atmospheric sterilization pot and sterilizing it with natural pressure steam. The construction method of atmospheric sterilization stove varies according to local customs.

2. Normal pressure sterilization time is usually calculated from exposure to the atmosphere (100°C), and atmospheric steam sterilizers usually lasts for 8 to 10 hours.

3. When sterilizing, be careful not to discharge the sterilized material too densely to ensure the steam flow in the sterilization pot.

4. At the beginning, atmospheric steam sterilizers are required to attack with strong fire, so that the temperature in the sterilization stove will rise to 100°C as soon as possible, without stopping the fire in the middle, and often add hot water to prevent atmospheric steam sterilizers from drying out. The advantages of this method are low cost of stove construction, large capacity, but long sterilization time and large energy consumption.




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