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Ardode Autoclaves

Ardode Autoclaves of Description:

Ardode autoclaves is an electric heating device that controls the temperature of saturated steam and the sterilization time. Ardode autoclaves has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient use, thorough sterilization, and beautiful appearance.

Ardode Autoclaves

                                          Ardode Autoclaves

Ardode Autoclaves of Precautions for the use:

1. Some plastic materials cannot be autoclaved, please confirm before operation. The lid of the container should be loosened during sterilization to prevent the pressure in the bottle from increasing. After the plastic centrifuge tube lid is too tight for sterilization, the vacuum will cause the centrifuge tube to deform when the air is quenched.

2. High temperature and high pressure sterilization of certain components of the solution will cause precipitation, discoloration and decomposition of the substance. Please confirm the correct sterilization method of the solution before sterilization.

3. The sterilized solution cannot be overfilled in the reagent bottle to avoid spraying midway.

4. Be sure to personally check whether the water in the pot is enough before use.

5. Align the pressure cooker cover with the pot body before fastening the screws.

6. Don’t walk away to do other things while waiting for the hot steam to exhaust the cold air. You must wait until the steam is exhausted to open the exhaust valve before leaving.

7. Ardode autoclave is recommended to set a timer according to the time required for sterilization to remind the operator in time.

8. After the disinfection is complete, the exhaust valve can be opened to release the air after the pressure drops to zero. Do not rush to exhaust the air, and artificially reduce the pressure, otherwise the sterilized PBS and other liquids will re-boil or even spray out.

9. Be sure to wear gloves when taking out the sterilized items to prevent burns.

10. Always protect the gasket of the lid of the pressure cooker, and pay attention to whether there is any foreign matter adhesion. If there is foreign matter, ardode autoclave must be removed in time, otherwise ardode autoclave will cause steam leakage.









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