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Applications of Dry Heat Sterilization

Dry Heat Sterilization of Description:

Applications of dry heat sterilization are relatively widespread and popular in the market, and the sterilization effect is also outstanding. Let Huanyu introduce dry Heat Sterilization to you.

Dry heat sterilization is a technology that uses hot air to kill microorganisms or eliminate pyrogens through a dry heat sterilizer. The sterilization efficiency is outstanding. Dry heat sterilization can kill multiplying bacteria at 100℃/1h. For heat-resistant bacteria, dry heat sterilization will not die for a long time at 120℃. The sterilization rate of ℃ increased sharply.

Applications of Dry Heat Sterilization

                    Applications of Dry Heat Sterilization

1. Dry heat sterilizer can be divided into laboratory equipment, production preparations, and dry heat sterilizer for production equipment.

2. According to the mode of use, dry heat sterilization is divided into continuous type and batch type. Batch type dry heat sterilizer such as dry heat oven can be used for sterilization and depyrogenation of glass and metal utensils for endotoxin inspection, as well as production equipment parts and production equipment The sterilization and pyrogen removal; continuous dry heat sterilizer, such as a tunnel oven, can be used for the production of small-volume injections.

3. According to the heating method, dry heat sterilization can be divided into: radiation heating-based dry heat sterilizer and convection heating-based thermal laminar flow heating dry heat sterilizer, etc.






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