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Animal Cage, Feed and Drinks Autoclave

Widely used in animal cage, feed and animal drinks, etc.
Metal Utensils Autoclave

MQS Series Motor/Lifting Door

Pulse Vacuum Autoclave
Pulse Vacuum Autoclave
Nice Chamber Structure and Finish
Nice chamber finish, and the equipment is with firm structure, which could stamped by proficient 3 bars, and each autoclave is detected by X ray, and certified by the government, which could fully meet the standard of pressure vessel. Good quality silicon insulation layer is surrounded outside of the chamber to reduce the heat radiation on the surface of the machine.
Full Automatic Door
The equipment is equipped with full automatic door, and it can also be made to double door structure, which could achieve the isolation of the operation area to the sterile area.
Stainless Steel Piping
Stainless steel pipelines are used to avoid corrosion that may lead to secondary contamination of the sterilized loads.
All Round Flexible
Custom Made Service
The equipment structure and program could be custom made, including:
Equipment internal measurement and pipeline location could be custom made according to the measurement and quantity of the loads for sterilization.
Equipment external measurement could be narrow designed according to the sterilization room measurement.
Door structure choice: motor door or sliding door.
1. Door open direction.
2. Steam generator could be accessorized according to user’s requirement.
3. Sterilization program could be custom made according to user’s sterilization craft requirement.
4. Equipment configuration and etc.
MQS Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Summary
This series of pulse vacuum autoclave adopts saturated steam (or pure steam) as a sterilization medium. It eliminates the impact of cold air on the temperature by pulse vacuum. Vacuum dehumidification combined with jacket heating for drying the items. And finally, the sterile air is emptied to achieve pressure balance.
MQS Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Structure
This series of equipment adopts horizontal rectangular structure, 304 or 316L stainless steel chamber, and covered by the external plate that is made by draw-benched stainless steel. And the equipment is accessorized with standard GMP verification interface. Industrial control system PLC + HMI has standard "user management, data storage, process management" function, the sterilization process can be traced back, with independent data recording device and industrial control system to ensure data accuracy.
Sterilization Features:

Three times of pre pulse vacuum for fully eliminate the chamber air to ensure the temperature evenness during sterilization.


Vacuum emission + jacket drying to ensure the dry effect of the sterilization loads.


The air is filtered through 0.22μm filter before inlet into the chamber to avoid secondary contamination to the sterilization loads.

Autoclave Logistic System

Large Infusion Autoclave
Large Infusion Sterilization Equipment
Water Shower Autoclave
Water Shower Sterilization Equipment
Precise Control System
Intelligent temperature sensor, pressure transmitter and pneumatic valve ensure steam pressure temperature detecting and control both inside the chamber and jacket.
Load Traceability
All data reports and curves could be recorded on SD card in non modifiable format, and could be traced conveniently.
Autoclave Safety Guide
The doors are designed with independent mechanical and digital safety features:
1.The door is not allowed to be open when the chamber is pressurized.
2.The cycle is not allowed to start when the door is not sealed.
3.Door process will automatically stop if obstruction is detected.

4.The door cannot be unsealed until the chamber pressure reach room pressure.
5.Under double door structure, double door interlock to prevent both doors open in the same time.
Safety valves are installed to prevent pressure exceeds the allowed limit.
Liquid levels are installed inside built-in steam generator to ensure the safety operation of the heating element.
Emergency stop button is installed for immediate cycle shut off under emergency.

Huanyu Autoclave Video

Animal cage, feed and drinks autoclave is widely used in the sterilization operation of liquids in cage, feed and animal drinks, etc.
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