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All American Autoclave Manual

All American Autoclave Manual of Description:

All american autoclave manual is an important prerequisite to ensure the personal and property safety of the operators. The following are the operating steps of all american autoclaves compiled by Huanyu for everyone.

All american autoclave

                           All American Autoclave Manual

All American Autoclave Manuals of Operation Steps:

1. Take out the American autoclaves and clean the cavity. Before using all american autoclaves, you must carefully refer to the American autoclaves manual. If there are someone to manage all american autoclaves, all american autoclaves are recommended that the user print a copy of the operation process.

2. Place the American autoclave in a stable and safe place, turn the manual drain valve to the’closed’ position, add distilled water (generally more than 1ol) into the autoclave, add water slowly, so as not to add too much Too much water will affect the normal operation of the instrument, until the high water level light is on, add 1~2l more.

3. The temperature and time can be set according to the specific sterilized items, the specific operations are as follows:

Press the “set” button, the temperature setting is displayed at this time, you can press the up and down arrow keys to set the value you want, and the sterilization time can be set in the same way.

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