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Air Over Steam Sterilizer
Air Over Steam Sterilizer

Air Over Steam Sterilizer, which adopted the way of gravity exchange to releasing the cold air from the chamber more completely to ensure the reliable sterilization. The control system automatically adjust the steam inlet and outlet according to chamber temperature during sterilization. This unit ideal equipment for clinics, scientific research institutes and other organizations to sterilize surgical instruments,fabric glass,culture media etc.

Technical Features of Air Over Steam Sterilizer:
1. Hand wheel type of quick-open door structure,self-expandable sealing ring, easy operating and safe.
2. Independent knock-down service window, easy for repairing and maintenance.
3. Sterilization programs for dressings, equipment, rubber, culture medium, waste, etc.
4. Adopting certain temperature (98~102oC)exhaust method and dynamic pulse exhaust method to completely empty the cold air inside chamber for ensuring steam saturability.
5. Automatic selecting quick or low exhaust to avoid sterilization liquid overflowing.
6. Inner stainless steel water tank for water and steam to circulate inside.Steam does not exhaust during sterilization, so as to keep the outside clean and dry.
7. LED screen displays all steps of full process as well as error codes.
8. Complete process of filling water, dynamic pulse exhaust, heating, sterilizing, draining and drying run automatically.

Huanyu Sterilization Equipment is autoclave and sterilizer manufacturer and supplier in China.We can provide you with pro Air Over Steam Sterilizer.

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