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Aesculap Autoclave

Aesculap Autoclave of Description:

Aesculap autoclave is kind of sterilization equipment uses aesculap pump to exhaust air in the pot and turn aesculap autoclaves aesculap state. So when using a vacuum autoclave, Huanyu will talk about a few precautions.

Aesculap Autoclave

                                         Aesculap Autoclave

1. Some plastic materials cannot be vacuum autoclaved, please confirm before operation.

2. The lid of the container should be loosened during sterilization to prevent the pressure in the bottle from increasing. If the lid of the plastic centrifuge tube is too tight after sterilization, the vacuum will cause the centrifuge tube to deform when the air is quenched.

3. High temperature and high pressure sterilization of certain components of the solution will cause precipitation, discoloration and decomposition of the substance. Please confirm the correct sterilization method of the solution before sterilization.

4. The sterilized solution cannot be overfilled in the reagent bottle to avoid spraying halfway.

5. Be sure to personally check whether the water in the pot is enough before use.

6. Align the pressure cooker cover with the pot body before attaching the screws.

7. Don’t go away and do other things while waiting for the hot steam to exhaust the cold air. You must wait until the steam is exhausted to open the exhaust valve before leaving.

8. Aesculap autoclaves is recommended to set a timer according to the time required for sterilization to remind the operator in time.

9. After the disinfection is completed, the exhaust valve can be opened to release air after the pressure drops to zero.

10. Be sure to wear gloves when taking out the sterilized items to prevent burns.

If a dangerous situation occurs in the laboratory accidentally, the following measures should be taken immediately:

1. If there is a sound, smell, or smoke, please cut off the power immediately. Aesculap autoclaves can be used after troubleshooting.

2. After turning off the power, do not open the lid in a hurry. You must wait for the pressure to drop to zero before you can continue to operate to avoid casualties.

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