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Water-bath Ampoule Leak Test Sterilizer(AQS-S)

1. The series of water-bath ampoule leak test sterilizer adopts high temperature circulating water as sterilization medium. The device temperature uniformity is good, and temperature control range is wide (80-126 ℃).
2. The series of ampoule steam sterilizer adopts horizontal rectangular structure.
3. 304 or 316L stainless steel chamber, whole stainless steel draw-benched board cover, with standard GMP authentication interface.
4. Industrial control system PLC + HMI has standard “user management, data storage, recipe management” function, the sterilization process can be traced back, with an independent data recording device and industrial control system to ensure data accuracy. Optional remote computer monitoring technology makes system application and maintenance more convenient.
5. Scope of application: mainly used for water-sterilization operation, leak detection, and cleaning treatment of water injection and oral liquid, such as ampules, vials, tube bottle.

Water-bath Ampoule Leak Test Sterilizer

6. Process: a. Pure water filling;
b. heating, sterilization (80-126 ℃);
c. Cooling;
d. Leak detection (vacuum leak detection, vacuum plus color water leak detection, inverted vacuum leak detection);
e. Cleaning;
f. Drying (additional selection function)

Water-bath Ampoule Leak Test Sterilizer-1

The AQS-S series water-bath ampoule leak test sterilizer adopt super-heated water as sterilization medium, which is used for the leak test of the filled ampoules, vials and oral liquid in the same time of sterilization, and could  prevent the bottles from deformation after sterilization.

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