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  • Steam Ampoule Leak Test Autoclave(AQS)

    Steam Ampoule Leak Test Autoclave In Autoclave Basic Function Of Steam Ampoule Leak Test Autoclave:The system uses saturated steam as sterilizing medium. It is mainly used in Am...

  • Rotary Water-bath Autoclave(XYS)

    Rotary Water-bath Autoclave In Autoclave: Basic Function Of Rotary Water-bath Autoclave:This series of equipment adopt high temperature circulate water as sterilization medium.T...

  • Water-bath Autoclave(SYS)

    Water-bath Autoclave In Autoclave: Basic Function Of Autoclave: The water-bath autoclave is strictly designed and manufactured according to GMP Standard. The product uses high-t...

  • A Verification Method for Autoclave

    In addition to a small number of medium only heating and dissolving, without autoclaving, most of the medium are required 121 ℃ autoclave 15-30 minutes. Especially sterile test ...

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