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  • Autoclave Clean and Maitenance Manual

    Purpose: To establish a standardized operation, cleaning and maintenance procedures for pulse vacuum autoclave. Scope: This standard applies to the operation, cleaning and maint...

  • Motor Door Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Technical Introduction

    1. Motor Door Pulse Vacuum Autoclave Description: Motor door type pulse vacuum autoclave is designed according to the national GMP requirement, and is one of the advanced type o...

  • How to Deal With the Solid Waste After Autoclave

    To avoid the pollution spread inside the laboratory, the method to deal with the waste after autoclave includes: The separate collection, store, centralized processing. Using re...

  • Stainless Steel Autoclave

    Stainless Steel Autoclave 1.The series of stainless steel autoclave adopts saturated steam (or pure steam) as a sterilization medium. 2.This pulse vacuum autoclave eliminates th...

  • Working Principal Of Pulse Vacuum Autoclave

    Pressure steam sterilizer is the main method for sterilization in current hospitals, which is with the advance including fast sterilization, reliable effect, good penetration, n...

  • Performance Confirmation Of Autoclave

    1.Heat Distribution Test Heat distribution test is an important test for verify the temperature evenness of different position inside the autoclave. It includes empty heat distr...

  • Operation Of Autoclaves

    The autoclave is basically used for the sterilization of item, including culture, uniforms, instruments and etc. It sterilizes by the high temperature and large pressure of the ...

  • Automatic Autoclave With Printer

    Automatic Autoclave With Printer: Basic Function Of Automatic Autoclave With Printer: This series of equipment adopt high temperature circulate water as sterilization medium. Th...

  • Using Autoclave Safely

    Autoclaves are required to be used in many areas for scientific research, including, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, campus, hospitals, and etc. The purpose of using aut...

  • Autoclave Use And Safety

    By using the water, pressure and heat energy, autoclave kills the microorganisms and spores by steam. They are used to sterilize medical apparatus, instruments, clothes and lab ...

  • The Use Of Horizontal Pressure Autoclave

    Disinfect: Kill pathogenic microorganism Sterilize: Kill all the microorganism Sterilization methods The sterilization methods including the physical and chemical type, chemical...

  • Autoclave Emergency Management Measures

    Power Cut During The Operation Of Autoclave If the autoclave power failure during the operation, the following operation should be conducted: 1.Tell the manager, and inform the ...

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