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  • Cell Culture Media Sterilizer
    Cell Culture Media Sterilizer

    Characteristics of Cell Culture Media Sterilizer: 1.Sterilizing course: Automatic sterilization controlled by computer, easy to operate. 2.Maximum temperature: up to 134 oC, sui...

  • Sterilizer Cell Culture Media
    Sterilizer Cell Culture Media

    Features of Sterilizer Cell Culture Media: 1.The pressure container is made of superior stainless steel,which ensures to be durable. 2.Auto controlled by micro-computer. 3.LED d...

  • Sterilizer for Culture Media
    Sterilizer for Culture Media

    Characteristics of Sterilizer for Culture Media: 1.Fully stainless steel structure 2.Hand wheel type of quick-open door structure 3.Door safety lock system 4.Automatically contr...

  • Sterilizer Cell Culture Medium
    Sterilizer Cell Culture Medium

    Features of Sterilizer Cell Culture Medium: 1.The main body is composed of inner layer and outer layer. The inner chamber is made of high quality acid-proof 304 stainless steel....

  • Culture Media Sterilizer
    Culture Media Sterilizer

    Features of Culture Media Sterilizer: 1.Position the device on a plane surface with minimum capacity 60 Kg. 2.The sterilizer should be placed on a level worktable. 3.Improper wa...

  • Substrate Sterilizer(PQS)
    Substrate Sterilizer(PQS)

    Substrate Sterilizer In Sterilizer Basic Function Of Substrate Sterilizer:It uses saturated steam as sterilizing medium, it can sterilize substrate and etc. placed in non-sealed...