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Rotary Water-bath Sterilizer(XYS):

1. The series of rotary water-bath sterilizer temperature control range is wide (80-126 ℃), with rapid heating, cooling function, which reduces the effect from high-temperature sterilization to the drug.
2. Because of rotary water-bath sterilizer characteristics of pressure evenness, it can effectively protect the packages of sterilization items.
3. Temperature time and F0 dual control, to meet the requirements of pharmacopoeia.
4. SYS series small type water shower motor driven door sterilizer adopts horizontal rectangular structure / SYS series large type sliding door sterilizer adopts horizontal cylinder structure.
5. Chamber adopts 304 or 316L stainless steel, accessorized with standard GMP authentication interface.
6. Industrial control system PLC + HMI has standard “user management, data storage, recipe management” function.  The sterilization process can be traced back, with independent data recording device and industrial control system to ensure data accuracy, remote computer monitoring technology makes the system application and maintenance more convenient.

7. Application:

Large-capacity seal packed liquid product sterilization (large glass bottle infusion, plastic bottle infusion, soft bag packaging infusion, glass bottle oral liquid, etc.), the same applies to (tinplate packaging, cooking bag packaging) food , functional drinks and etc.

Rotary Water-bath Sterilizer

8. Process: a. filling pure water; b. Internal circulation of pure water (top spray of bottled products, sprinkling device on both sides will be added for soft bag packing products); c. Heating; d. Sterilization; e. Cooling.

Process Description: The filling of pure water from the “bottom of the device → circulating water pump → heat exchanger → spray device inside the equipment”, which forms a closed internal circulation on the sterilization items.

Industrial steam or cooling water acts on the external heat exchanger energy channel to achieve the purpose of circulating water heating and cooling. Large flow of recycled water as a sterilization medium, can make large type sterilization equipment obtain the desired temperature uniformity.

Rotary Water-bath Sterilizer-1

The SYS series rotary water-bath sterilizer adopts cylinder structure, which adopts super-heated water as sterilization medium. It provide good temperature environment evenness inside the chamber during sterilization, which prevents the ampoules, bottles and soft bags from deformation.

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