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Regulated Medical Waste Sterilization Machine

Regulated Medical Waste Sterilization Machine is suitable for all kinds of surgical instruments sensitive to heat and moisture including consecutive operation of gynecological laparoscopic,ophthalmic,ear-nose throat,cardiac,especially for rigid endoscope to be sterilized, widely used in the fields of key medical departments such as operation room and supply room.

Function mechanism of Regulated Medical Waste Sterilization Machine:

1.H2O2 plasma can realize rapid drying sterilization under normal temperature,which is the result of comprehensive roles of various sterilization conditions:

2.Role of reactive genes: plasma includes a great quantity of reactive oxygen ions, high-energy free clusters, and etc, which can easily generate oxidization reaction with protein and nucleic acid in bacteria, mold, spore and virus and then thus kill various microorganisms.

3.Role of high-speed particles breakdown: after the sterilization experiment, observed images of bacteria and virus particles after the fuction of plasma with electronic microscope, which are full of holes which are caused by etching and breakdown effects generated by high-energy electrons and ions.

4.Role of ultraviolet rays: during the formation of plasma by triggering H2O2 ,some ultraviolet rays are generated. The high-energy ultraviolet photons(3.3-3.6EV) are absorbed by protein in microorganisms or virus,which causes molecular degeneration and inactivation.

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