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  • How to Select a High Quality Autoclave Cabinet?

    Autoclaves are very common in the medical industry as well as in the food processing industry, and are one of the most widely used autoclave equipment. Although this kind of ste...

  • Structure of High Pressure Sterilizer

    When it comes to high pressure sterilizers, it is actually a high pressure container. This type of equipment is widely used. For example, the food industry, the medical industry...

  • Use Method of Steam Sterilizer and Precautions

    Steam sterilizers are widely used in the fields of medical care, environmental protection, industrial chemistry, etc., mainly through sterilization at high temperatures. Users w...

  • What’s a Pulsating Vacuum Sterilizer?

    What is a pulsating vacuum sterilizer? What are its advantages? Pulse vacuum sterilizer adopts multiple vacuum and multiple filling steam alternating sterilizer. Advantages: tho...

  • Methods of Sterilization

    Sterilization refers to a method of killing or removing a living microorganism in an article by appropriate physical or chemical means, thereby reducing the probability that the...

  • High Pressure Steam Sterilizer Classification

    The high pressure steam sterilizer has two types: a lower pressure steam sterilizer and a pre-vacuum pressure steam sterilizer. The lower row pressure steam sterilizer includes...

  • How to Use Pulse Vacuum Sterilizers Correctly?

    First, the sterilizer operation steps: 1. The pulse vacuum sterilizer must be placed on a firm horizontal surface. 2. Add an appropriate amount of water to the outer pot, place ...

  • Principles and Uses of Pressure Steam Sterilizer

    The principle of sterilization: Heat sterilization is an early, reliable and widely used physical sterilization method. The damage of heat to cell walls and cell membranes and t...

  • Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer Operation Precautions

    Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer Operation Precautions: 1. The pulse vacuum sterilizer should be inspected once a day; check the door frame and the rubber gasket for damage, whether it i...

  • The Correct Way to Use a Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer

    First,the operation steps of the pulse vacuum sterilizer: 1. The pulse vacuum sterilizer must be placed on a firm horizontal surface. 2. Add an appropriate amount of water to th...

  • Points to Note on the Use of Sterilizers

    Points to Note on the Use of Sterilizers: 1. Items to be sterilized should not be placed too tightly; 2. The cold air is fully excluded, otherwise the temperature in the pot wi...

  • Cleaning and Maintenance of Sterilizers

    Cleaning and Maintenance of Sterilizers: 1.Daily cleaning: Clean the sterilizer shell before and after each shift. 2.Matters Needing Attention: (1) It is better not to steriliz...

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