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Medical Waste of Sterilization Machine

Medical Waste of Sterilization Machine is mainly used in manufacturing shops of pharmaceutical and foodstuff industries etc. It is applied to the drying, heating, sterilization and ripening of medicines, biological products, agricultural products and by products. Specially, it is excellent in the drying effect of various pills and granulated materials.

Features of Medical Waste of Sterilization Machine:
1.Precision of temperature controlled:±0.5oC.
2.Safety valve for over pressure protection.
3.LED digital screen set and dynamic temperature data.
4.Water tank and Sterilized room have double pressure and temperature display and control.
5.LED light and alert device indicate the status of equipment. PID temperature-controlled function, can modify the control indicate to prevent the temperature.
6.The pressure container is made of superior stainless steel,which ensures to be durable.
7.Auto adding water function,stop heating, continue heating when reach the low water position.
8.Over temperature(set temperature +2o C) alarm, stop heating.
9.Auto controlled by micro-computer.
10.The door unlock, steam can not enter into sterilized room.
11.Linkage device of door lock controlled by pressure, linkage device of door lock controlled by disinfecting status.

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