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Hospital Autoclave In Sterilizer
Basic Function Of Hospital SterilizerIts inner layer and the outside layer are controlled separately. Its jacket uses steam preheating and drying autoclave. Its inner layer uses pure steam to sterilize. It especially sets hospital and hospital powder sterilizing programs. The sterilizing tray can be used as a common baking tray. No washing dead corner after one-time washing.

Main-body Of Hospital SterilizerThe equipment adopts the rectangular structure, equipped with the chamber made by high-quality 304 acids proof stainless steel and cover plate made of brushed stainless steel. And seal door adopts pneumatic door.

Control System Of Hospital SterilizerIt adopts computer control or PLC+touch screen system. This system detects temperature precisely, runs steadily, and has complete sterilization data recording function.

Pipeline System Of Hospital Autoclave: The optimized configuration in the industry is adopted.t Main components include plate-type and angular seat pneumatic valve.

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