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Culture Media Autoclave

Culture Media Autoclave is the internationally advanced pulse vacuum sterilization machine, it is mainly served in hospital operation room and scientific institute, and it can be lifted by escalator, It employs the siemens control system and the internationally advanced three-direction motor valve to complete the automatic sterilization process, it can safely and effectively sterilize the operation utensil and wrap-up package.

Characteristics of Culture Media Autoclave:
1.Fully stainless steel structure
2.Hand wheel type of quick-open door structure
3.Door safety lock system
4.Automatically controlled by computer
5.Digital display of working status,touch of key
6.Over temperature&over pressure auto-protection
7.Steam-water inner circulation system:no steam discharge,and the environment for sterilizing will be clean and dry
8.Self-inflating type seal
9.Safe protection of water lacking
10.The drying system is optional,which can be equipped according to the customers’ request
11.Automatically shut off with beep reminding after sterilization
12.With two stainless steel sterilizing baskets

Huanyu Pharmaceutical Equipment is a high quality manufacturer and supplier in China.We can provide you with Culture Media Autoclave.Our customers are satisfied with the equipment.

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