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Basic structure and process characteristics of multifunctional Chinese medicine sterilizer

4)The multifunctional Chinese medicine sterilizing cabinet is also equipped with a special stainless steel sterilizing car and sterilizing tray, which is reasonable in design and large in loading, which is conducive to the sterilization and drying effect of the product; The equipment is controlled by PLC+ color touch screen +CF card. Users can set various sterilization parameters and store various data to CF card (paperless record, data and temperature curve report can be printed by computer). Adopt the patented air-tight sealing technology to ensure the reliability of the sealing door; With special GMP verification interface, GMP verification can be conducted for on-site temperature and sterilization effect.

5)Preheating: steam is first passed into the jacket, and then the inner layer is vacuum-pumped to heat the Chinese medicine powder (try to reduce the generation of condensed water when steam is passed into the inner chamber).

6)Sterilization: Before sterilization, the inner layer is in a vacuum state. Saturated steam enters the inner layer from the jacket for sterilization operation. The sterilization temperature and time can be set according to user requirements.

7)Drying: the jacket shall be kept under certain pressure, with heat preservation and heating. The inner layer shall be vacuumed and the proper drying time shall be controlled.

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