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Automatic Sterilizer With Printer:
Basic Function Of Automatic Sterilizer With Printer: 
This series of equipment adopt high temperature circulate water as sterilization medium.The equipment is mainly used for the sterilization of bottle emulsion, suspension and other pharmaceutical liquid that is easy to precipitate or with the temperature-sensitive features, such as fat milk and blood substitute. Liquor is in relatively moving status during sterilization, which makes the sterilizer temperature more even, and can avoid the phenomenon of condensation during the whole process.
Main-body Of Automatic Sterilizer With Printer: The equipment adopts horizontal rectangular and cylinder structure, equipped with the chamber made by high-quality 304 acids proof stainless steel and cover plate made of brushed stainless steel. Seal door adopts power door and horizontal sliding door. Simultaneously, the equipment has GMP standard verification interface for users to verify at any time.

Automatic Sterilizer

Automatic Autoclave

Control System Of Automatic Sterilizer With Printer: It adopts computer control or PLC+touch screen system. Double monitoring of temperature time and F0 value could ensure sterilization effect. This system detects temperature precisely, runs steadily and has complete sterilization records store.
Pipeline System Of Automatic Sterilizer With Printer: The optimized configuration in the industry is adopted, and operates reliably and with long useful life. Main components include the plate-type heat exchanger, circulated water pump, angular seat pneumatic valve and spraying system.

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