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  • Rotary Autoclave
    Rotary Autoclave

    Features of Rotary Autoclave: 1. It is heated directly but it is cooled indirectly. The cooling water and sterilizing water are not mixed together,avoiding the secondary polluti...

  • Hot Water Spray Autoclave
    Hot Water Spray Autoclave

    Features of Hot Water Spray Autoclave: 1.The pressure container is made of superior stainless steel,which ensures to be durable. 2.Auto controlled by micro-computer. 3.LED digit...

  • Superheated Water Spray Autoclave
    Superheated Water Spray Autoclave

    Characteristics of Superheated Water Spray Autoclave: 1.Sterilizing course: Automatic sterilization controlled by computer, easy to operate. 2.Maximum temperature: up to 134 oC,...

  • Water Spray Autoclave
    Water Spray Autoclave

    Features of Water Spray Autoclave: 1.Sterilizing course automatically sterilization controlled,easy to operate. 2.With over-temperature,over-pressure auto-protect device. 3.The ...

  • Vial Autoclaves
    Vial Autoclaves

    Characteristics of Vial Autoclaves: 1.Main-body: The equipment adopts horizontal rectangular and cylinder structure, equipped with chamber made by high-quality 304/316L acid pro...

  • Large Vial Rapid Cooling Autoclave
    Large Vial Rapid Cooling Autoclave

    Characteristics of Large Vial Rapid Cooling Autoclave: 1. Fully stainless steel structure 2. Hand wheel type of quick-open door structure 3. Door safety lock system 4. Automatic...

  • Fast Cooling Autoclave(KYS/KQS)
    Fast Cooling Autoclave(KYS/KQS)

    Fast Cooling Sterilizer In Autoclave: Basic Function Of Autoclave:This KYS/KQS Series Fast Cooling Autoclave use saturated steam as autoclave medium, and is widely used for the ...