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  • Large Autoclave Cabinet
    Large Autoclave Cabinet

    Advantages of Large Autoclave Cabinet: 1.The technology can reach complete sterilization in 17 minutes (LK/MJG-50 bench top) 2.No booster needed 3.No need for gas pipe and relat...

  • Dry Heat Autoclave Cabinet
    Dry Heat Autoclave Cabinet

    Features of Dry Heat Autoclave Cabinet: 1. This drying oven adopts double-door structure, and it can pass through two different levels of cleaning workshop. 2. Adjustable air fl...

  • Dry Heat Autoclave Machine
    Dry Heat Autoclave Machine

    Features of Dry Heat Autoclave Machine: 1.Touch screen, good human-computer interface 2.Real time display of chamber pressure, vacuum value, temperature, time etc. 3.Automatic p...

  • Dry Cabinet Autoclave
    Dry Cabinet Autoclave

    Features of Dry Cabinet Autoclave: 1. The machine-operated door adopts pneumatic open/close system which is safe and stabilized 2. The machine-operated door adopts advanced vacu...

  • Dry Autoclaves
    Dry Autoclaves

    Characteristics of Dry Autoclaves: 1.Sterilizing course: Automatic sterilization controlled by computer, easy to operate. 2.Maximum temperature: up to 134 oC, suit for 4-6 minut...

  • Dry Heat Autoclave
    Dry Heat Autoclave

    Features of Dry Heat Autoclave: 1.The pressure container is made of superior stainless steel,which ensures to be durable. 2.Auto controlled by micro-computer. 3.LED digital scre...

  • Dry Autoclave
    Dry Autoclave

    Features of Dry Autoclave: 1.Sterilizing course automatic sterilization controlled,easy to operate. 2.With drying function,suitable dressing drying. 3.With over-temperature,over...

  • Pharmaceutical for Autoclave
    Pharmaceutical for Autoclave

    Features of Pharmaceutical for Autoclave: 1.Vessels is designed to the China National Standard -GB150<<Steel Pressure Vessel>> 2.Electric translational door, easy to...

  • Autoclave Garment
    Autoclave Garment

    Features of Autoclave Garment: 1.The main body is composed of inner layer and outer layer. The inner chamber is made of high quality acid-proof 304 stainless steel. Automatic we...

  • Large Autoclave
    Large Autoclave

    Features of Large Autoclave: 1. High quality SUS304 stainless steel with 0CR18NI9TI 2. Overpressure auto-discharging at 0.145-0.165Mpa 3. The highest working temperature: 126C-1...

  • Autoclave in Pharmaceutical Industry
    Autoclave in Pharmaceutical Industry

    Features of Autoclave in Pharmaceutical Industry: 1.Position the device on a plane surface with minimum capacity 60 Kg. 2.The sterilizer should be placed on a level worktable. 3...

  • Large Industrial Autoclave
    Large Industrial Autoclave

    Features of Large Industrial Autoclave: 1. Tightness of tank :it is made from tank ,tank door ,high temperature motor ,air duct heat partition layer to form into one high pressu...